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Diurerbe Forte Drink

Diurerbe Forte Drink

Potassium and Magnesium food supplement, with titrated and standardized vegetable extracts, useful to help eliminate the excess of liquids.
Diurerbe Forte Drink is ideal for all people whose legs feel swollen and painful in the evening, since it promotes the elimination of exceeding fluids. It has a lymphatic drainage action which promotes fluid exchanges, thus lowering the risk of cellulite accumulation. It is also useful for people having unhealthy diets, rich in salt, which can cause water retention; its action reduces bloating by speeding up fluid exchange.  Moreover, it has a diuretic action.

It does not contain: alcohol, gluten, by-products of milk, lactose, added sugar, artificial colouring, gmo. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Direction for use: dilute 1-2 measuring cups (20/40 ml) in a bottle of water (1.5 Lt).

Ingredients Code Packaging

Juniper (600 mg)
Magnesium (100 mg)
Potassium (100 mg)
Green Tea (400 mg)
Goldenrod (200 mg)
Birch (150 mg)
Pilosella (125 mg)
Java Tea (50 mg)
Horsetail (25 mg)


500 ml in bottle
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